Skip the doctor’s, get tested today.

PrEP Health – HIV Protection and PrEP Online.

Set up a PrEP Health profile, follow a simple process & get PrEP delivered discreetly. Cut out the hassle of appointments and collection – do it online discreetly. Easy. Discreet. Affordable. Online. Services: Order Online, Discreet Delivery, Simple Process.

Stigma Health – Online STI Screening

Get Test Results within 2-3 business days directly to your phone. Ultra convenient. Play Your Part in Decreasing the Number of STIs in Australia, and Get Tested Today. Get Judgement Free Test. Shame-Free Procedure. No Need Multiple Visit. Very Discreet Process.

Our clinics

Our secure, reliable platforms have helped over 50,000 people and counting. Our doctors are honoured to have been part of so many patient journeys. Our hassle-free telehealth services are improving healthcare and encouraging people to more readily get answers that can improve their overall health.  

Connecting People with Healthcare 

At Hyphen Health, we use next generation technology to make healthcare more accessible. We believe everyone should have the same access to the healthcare they need, so we’ve taken location out of it. We specialise in digital health platforms that are revolutionising how people access vital medical support.  

Hyphen Health encourages good health. We are at the intersection of healthcare, pathology testing and discreet healthcare services. We are fostering a new future that breaks down barriers to healthcare and empowers patients with their own medical information. We are the pulse of the bright future of online healthcare solutions.  

What we do 

Our telehealth clinics offer easy, confidential healthcare. We break down the barriers stopping people from getting the support they need. We are improving the patient experience. We are proud of our services that destigmatise and normalise health issues. Every body is important and we’re passionate about helping every Australian get the healthcare they need.  

Why we do it  

The world is changing. We all know the feeling of having a bad experience at the local GP or medical centre – long wait times, 7minute consultations, paying more than we feel we should, multiple appointments required just to get our own test results. Worse still, some of us are familiar with the feeling of walking around with a concerning health problem we can’t tell anyone about – not even a doctor. This is where Hyphen Health comes in. We want every health concern, every time, to get the medical attention it deserves. We are opening the doors to healthcare wide, making it more affordable, more accessible, more discreet and more available. Easy healthcare makes for better healthcare outcomes.