About Hyphen Health

Our mission is to break down the barriers to healthcare  

Founded in 2015 by a partnership between a former-restaurateur and a doctor, Hyphen Health is innovating new Australian healthcare solutions. James Sneddon (the entrepreneur) and Dr Mitchell Tanner (the GP) share an interest in breaking down the barriers that stop people from accessing medical care.  

Here’s more about our Clinics 

Our ground-breaking sexual health testing platform, Stigma Health, has proven Hyphen Health’s reputation as a leading the way in online healthcare. We’re not shy about sexual wellness and our trailblazing online service has received widespread media attention 

Roidsafe is the newest platform launched by Hyphen Health and is a game-changing world first, a harm minimisation service for the steroid, sport & hormone community.  

Roidsafe and Stigma join Hyphen Health’s other telehealth clinic – PrEP Health. Wherever there’s a barrier to healthcare – you’ll find Hyphen Health.  

The proof is in the patients
Our secure, reliable platforms have helped over 50,000 people and counting… 

Together with our team of experienced Australian doctors, we are revolutionising the healthcare industry. We believe strongly in the power of new technology for better health outcomes. There are many reasons why people don’t seek out the medical tests they should – these range from financial, limited medical resources in a region to the stigma attached with some presenting issues. Over the next few years, we’ll tackle even more of these barriers to healthcare so that every Australian feels comfortable to get the tests they need, when they need them.  

Our Founders

Dr. Mitchell Tanner

Medical Director

The Internet has changed the way we do so many everyday things and as a doctor I’m excited to see the potential it holds for healthcare. By making simple medical testing easier, it has the ability to ensure people get tested for things they should be, but may not be, more regularly. I believe so strongly in this that I am proud to put my name to Hyphen Health and I’m excited to see where we can take the concept and how we can use the convenience and privacy of the Internet to improve people’s health.

James Sneddon

James Sneddon

CEO & Managing Director

James is a healthcare innovator and medical tech entrepreneur. He is passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives. James is a former rugby player and a restaurateur who turned his business skills to the medical field. The success of Stigma Health inspired him to see where else digital healthcare can be of value. James is unique in his commitment to providing healthcare for issues that may exist in the shadows and is unperturbed by taboos that may stop other entrepreneurs. He aims to empower and educate and is always thinking of new ways technology can make healthcare easier. Watch this space.